Driver health: staying healthy on the road

Pursuing a career as a professional driver can be both physically and mentally taxing. Between late nights, long drives and difficult terrain, it is no wonder that most professional drivers find themselves in a bit of a health rutt. If you have just started your driving career, consider these health tips before hitting the road on our next job.

Take stretch breaks. While it is important for all working professionals to get up and take stretch breaks, it is critical for drivers and owner operators to get up and move around. Driving all day can be extremely strenuous on your body, and taking ten to fifteen minutes every few hours to move your legs and stretch your muscles can help you feel alert and get your body moving. Next time you stop at a gas station, consider stretching for a few minutes before hitting the open road.

Get a good night’s sleep. Driving through all hours of the night may get you to your destination on time, but it is not good for your health. Even if you are trying to meet a certain deadline, make sure you remember to take some time for yourself and get some rest. This could mean crashing at a motel or truck stop for a few hours, or giving yourself a break with a few catnaps.

Pack your own snacks. Gas station food does not always have healthy options, and when you are on the road, it may seem easier to grab a bag of chips than some fruit or an energy bar. If you pack your own food during long drives, it will be easier for you to ignore the sweets and just eat what you brought with you. It could save you some money as well!

Keep your mind sharp. Long drives can also be mentally degrading for professional drivers. Make sure you keep your mind sharp by listening to music, podcasts, radio shows or other stimulating sounds during your drives. This will keep you alert and focused for the cross country drives.

If you have further questions on driver health, contact Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance today.

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