Types of Trucking

If you have a few years of trucking experience under your belt, chances are that you have steered your career towards one or two types of professional driving. As trucking jobs are constantly changing, it might be time to consider a few other options within the driving field. Check out these different types of trucking if you are interested in switching gears and trying something new.

Flatbed. Driving a flatbed truck can introduce several new skills into to your professional toolkit. In order to become a professional in this industry, you need to make sure that you understand how to transport and tie down goods. Securing your load is extremely important when driving a truck that is exposed to the elements, but it could be an interesting challenge for drivers seeking something new.

Tankers. Jobs are constantly available for professionals looking to drive tanker trucks. By entering into this profession, you will become equip to transport liquids and learn to think quickly in case of an emergency. This type of driving can be dangerous, but it pays well, so make sure you are prepared to learn your role efficiently and you will be just fine.

Regional. Driving locally would allow you and your family to settle down near your job site. While this may not give you the freedom and excitement of long distance drivers, it provides a sense of stability. Regional drivers could stay within their town, city or state, but rarely venture outside of state lines.

Freight. There are three different kinds of freight drivers: refrigerated freight, haulers and LTL. Refrigerated freight drivers must keep their items and goods at a specific temperature during their drives, involving an entirely new skill set for many truckers. Haulers transport any kinds of goods that are not covered under dry van transportation, so this includes liquids and hazardous goods. Finally, LTL stands for less than truckload, allowing drivers to transport smaller shipments. Before venturing into the world of freight, do your research on which field is right for you.

Dry Van. Many professional drivers start out as dry van drivers, but it is never too late to learn. These jobs involve transporting large, single trailer vehicles that are filled with dry goods. While there is no additional learning involved, these jobs can be taxing on new drivers, so be prepared to learn the ropes quickly.

If you have questions or want to talk to someone about the different types of professional driving, contact Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance today.

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