Brakes, brakes, brakes!

For many professional big rig drivers, braking comes second nature. However, most will tell you that losing control of the truck is one of the scariest moments that can occur out on the road. In order to learn proper skid control, check out these helpful tips on braking.

Never slam on the brakes. In order to avoid skidding, it is extremely important to train your instincts not to slam on your brakes. If the brakes of your truck or vehicle are implemented too hard and too fast, it causes the trailer of the rig to start to slide, and can send the truck sideways. Make sure you press on your brakes slowly and carefully, even in stressful situations.

Leave enough room. Depending on how much cargo you are hauling, and how much your truck weighs, it is important to be mindful of the distance you leave between your vehicle and the cars in front of you. It will take you twice as long to stop a heavy truck and trailer than it will a small car. Be mindful of your surroundings so you have time to brake properly.

Hills, hills, hills. Some of the most frustrating drives for professional drivers are the ones that involve the ups and downs of hills. Make sure that you descend and ascend slowly, in order to avoid overheating or over-exerting your tires, brakes and engine. Pay attention to the flow of traffic, especially when you are facing hills or mountains on the road.

If you have questions, or would like more information on proper braking techniques, please contact Crossroads Leasing and Finance.

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