Parking Tips and Tricks

With so many responsibilities out on the road, many professional drivers forget to take the time to learn how to park their truck correctly. Parking a larger vehicle can be frustrating and time consuming, even for drivers who have been on the road for years. Check out these parking tips and tricks to save you time and give you some peace of mind while parking.

Check your mirrors thoroughly. Even as an experienced driver, it is important to check all of your mirrors before attempting to park a larger vehicle. Turn your head to scan for any blind spots and make sure you pay attention to any oncoming traffic.

Give plenty of extra space. Pull your truck out much wider than you would a smaller vehicle in order to avoid getting caught between the parking space and other obstacles. Make a wide turn to line up both your front and back wheels before attempting to pull into any parking spot.

Brake early and park slowly. It is crucial to rely on your brakes while parking a large truck. Take your time parking so you can avoid multiple point turns. It will save everyone time if you slow down and concentrate on what you are doing.

Try to avoid overshooting. When lining up your truck, check to make sure that you are not overshooting the parking space. It will be much less awkward for yourself and for the cars waiting for you if you slow down enough to line up your wheels correctly.

Even out your parking job. After you have finished parking your truck, step outside to take a look around. It will save you time and energy if you even out your parking job early on, and will allow you to pull out more easily as well. Take a second look before turning off the engine.

If you need tips or have questions on parking your truck, contact Crossroads Equipment Lease & Finance today.

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